About us

End of the monotony of the green areas.

For the first time in Bulgaria there is a nurserywhich combines over 300 varieties of decorative shrubs andtreesselected accordingly the climate conditions of our countrygrown from a high quality planting material which complies with the high European standards and requirements.
End of the seasonable planting.

The Dutch technology we use for growing container plants allows planting during the entire vegetative period ofthe year and gives a high percentage of transplanting.

Come visit us and convince yourself. This is the new beginning of the landscape and park building, relying on the traditions of the best experience, guided from professional and motivated for this transition experts.

“Bulland Trade”Ltd was founded in 2004 with main subject of activity – production and trade with ornamental plants. The newly established nursery for ornamental plants of the company is located in the village of Bratanitsa, Pazardjik region.

The cultivation of high quality conifers, shrubs and big size trees at the nursery is executed according Dutch technology and cultivating techniques and meets the requirements of EU standards. The range of cultivated plants includes large diversity of species – more than 200 broad-leafed and 100 coniferous. 

The shrubs are cultivated in containers with volume of 1.5, 3.5 and 10 liters, while the trees are cultivated in containers with volume of 45, 75 and 100 liters. This allows plants to be planted all around the year, and makes easy the work of landscape architects and everyone else concerned with the beauty of plant life.

Where are we

Bratanitza, Pazardjik, Bulgaria

+359 34 470607 / +359 34 460 606 / +359 885 556 426 / +359 885556421

e-mail: bulland.ltd@abv.bg

Work time:
From Monday to Friday: from 8:30 to 17:30.
On Saturdays: from 8:30 to 14:30.
Sunday: a day off..


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The gained experience in spedition allows the plants to be delivered qualitatively and on time to our clients all over Bulgaria.



Tatyana Boyadjieva
Gardeniya – 2006 ltd.
1, Jivata voda, str.
Sofia 1616

Ivan Uzunov
KIO – Ivan Uzunov . ltd
34, Tzar Ivan Asen II, str.

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Free position:

Sales Representative

Place of work:
Decorative nursery – Bratanitsa village, Pazardzhik

Requirement for candidates:
At least three years of experience in plant marketing.
Driving license category B.
Knowing English is an advantage.

Adoption of a CV and a recent photo of e-mail: bulland.ltd@abv.bg