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End of uniformity in green areas. For the first time in Bulgaria, a decorative nursery appears, collected in itself the variety of over 900 types of ornamental shrubs and trees, selected according to the climatic conditions of our country, grown from high-quality planting material, meeting high European standards.

End of seasonal planting of plants.
The Dutch technology we use for growing container plants allows them to be planted throughout the vegetative period of the year and ensures a high percentage of interception.

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This is a new beginning for our landscape and park construction, rested on the traditions of our best examples, guided by professionally prepared and motivated specialists for this transition.

Bulland Trade EOOD attended more than 10 years on the market of decorative plants in Bulgaria.

The beginning was made in 2004 year with the construction of the first nursery of its kind in the country with high-tech cultivation of ornamental plants in containers according to Dutch know-how.

The container growing technology we use, allowed many of our colleagues, landscape specialists and many other private clients to implement their projects and ideas during the entire growing season of the year.

We managed to change the opinion planted for years, that plants grown using Dutch technology, they do not live long after leaving the nursery.

The numerous reviews of our customers about the excellent interception of our plants planted in the field, they make us confident, that we are on the right track.

To date, our nursery is located at 70 Mrs.

On half the area we grow plants in the field, which are extremely suitable for the construction of green fences and belts, at competitive prices and high quality.